Our vision is for Pakistan to become a player in the delivery of aid
in the international humanitarian arena.

The mission is to galvanise the potential of Pakistan for the betterment of humanity.

PakAID is Pakistan’s Agency for International Development. Our activities are mainly focused on undertaking long-term sustainable development initiatives for the economic prosperity of Pakistan, and to promote a path to self-reliance and resilience.

We will also provide development assistance to help underdeveloped countries on their own development journey to self-reliance – looking at ways to help lift lives, build communities, and establish self-sufficiency.

PakAID will also galvanise its resources for humanitarian interventions worldwide.


FROM the People of Pakistan, FOR the People of Pakistan.

Message from Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Governor of Punjab

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to my collaborators at the Launch of PakAID. Together, we have worked hard to initiate this project for the people of Pakistan. I am convinced that we will continue to accomplish this mission with the same vision as of the Honourable Prime Minister for Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan.

PakAID, Pakistan’s Agency for International Development is going to be a primary platform where Govt. of Pakistan, Private Sector, NGO’S and INGOS will join force and resources for the betterment and development of Pakistan.”

Message from Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad Founder PakAID

“Having founded Al-Khair Foundation and nurtured it to becoming a major charity on the world stage, I am delighted to have played a part alongside Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, the Governor of Punjab, in creating PakAID.

In essence, PakAID will enable Pakistan to become a player in the international humanitarian arena and make the transition for Pakistan to also become a provider of aid.

Al-Khair Foundation’s expertise, together with that of other INGOs, will work to ensure that PakAID becomes a major driver, and plays its part in the betterment of Pakistan and humanity worldwide.

I am also very grateful to Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar for the drive and determination he has brought into the creation of PakAID.”