Our Aim

To Rehabilitate those most affected by the natural disasters and to give them a helping hand to rebuild their lives

To provide Shelter for the women and children , and save them from sleeping under the open sky

Shelter is a basic human need. Safe and decent housing is a fundamental right recognized in a number of international human rights instruments.It protects individuals from adverse weather, thereby ensuring good health and wellbeing, facilitates the possibility of earning a living, and promotes private and family life.

A homeless person is at high risk of suffering from poverty, hunger, poor health, lack of access to education, clean water and sanitation.It contributes to rising inequalities and prevents the growth of sustainable and inclusive cities.Economical housing is a solution for development and social equality.

PakAID supports vulnerable families with dignity and care. We protect widows, orphans and homeless by providing shelter houses; own house gives you a sense of security and safety. We are empowering women, and working to give children a brighter & happier future. PakAID is also very active in providing long-term solutions to homelessness and has constructed model villages in several districts across Pakistan. Under our disaster management policies we have ensured quick response to provide shelter to the deserving communities.

A concrete help for the causes

​In 2021, PakAID constructed 127 houses in district Muzaffargarh. These houses provide support to the deserving families encouraging them to focus on building their lives for betterment. We offer houses with 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms with the facility of a bathroom.These houses can accommodate 6 to 12 individuals.The construction process is carefully monitored by our field managers to ensure the optimal conditions of the houses.

“After a devastating year, my son and I now have our own home and I am very thankful to Allah who blessed me with a shelter again through PakAID. Looking ahead, now I can fully concentrate on my sons’ education and health”– Wajida

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