We provide humanitarian assistance in disasters i.e. food, medical aid, support to NDMA and local health facilities. Moreover we provide shelter housing to vulnerable sectors i.e widows & orphans, protection against severe cold by providing winterized kits and access to clean water. During the Covid-19 pandemic PakAID delivered PPE suits and masks as well as hygiene kits

2019 Earthquake Emergency Response Azad Jammu and Kashmir

A devastating 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Azad Jammu and Kashmir on 24th September 2019, resulting in around 400 casualties. The areas worst hit were Mirpur city, a small town Jatlan and two villages Manda and Afzalpur. PakAID covered around 4,732 Beneficiaries (676 families) during this emergency and distributed 400 Tents, 176 Food Packs, 100 Winterized Kits, and 200 livestock supplementary feed packs to reduce the suffering of the affected caused by this natural disaster.

2020 Heavy Snow and Rain Emergency Response, Baluchistan.

Extreme snowfall in 14 districts of Baluchistan province blocked almost all roads, damaged houses (mostly mud-houses), energy infrastructure, communication, health and educational facilities, agriculture and livelihood. PakAid’s core objective through this Emergency response was to address the immediate needs created by the harsh winter, in snowfall and rain -affected communities as well as to support the restoration of sustainable livelihoods in Quetta, Qilla Saifullah and Zairat Districts of Baluchistan province Pakistan. 150 tents, 100 winterized kits and 260 food packs were distributed among the 510 households

COVID 19 Emergency Response Gujar Khan

The year 2020 provided a unique need with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions of people around the globe. During this pandemic PakAid provided 425 food baskets along with hygiene kits to the locals and 1500 masks and 2000 PPE kits for medical staff fighting on frontlines in hospitals of Gujar Khan, Punjab.

2021 Distribution of Winterized Kits, Mansehra, Chakwal, Murree and Lahore

1092 beneficiaries were facilitated through the distribution of 156 winterized Kits including beddings and warm clothing in 4 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab Provinces.

Earthquake Emergency Response, Baluchistan

Relief operation was performed by PakAid Team at District Harnai ; Baluchistan province in response to a 5.9 magnitude Earthquake. 250 food packs were distributed among the victims.

Emergency Response, Lebanon

The current conflict in Palestine has affected hundreds of families, with many fatalities and countless people wounded. Victims have suffered great loss, losing their homes, loved ones and their possessions. In this devastating situation PakAid had distributed 1000 Relief Food Packs among the victims in Lebanon

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