Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Water is a basic human need. Without it, survival is not possible. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is central to living a life in dignity and upholding human rights. Pakistan is a developing country with more than 24.3 % people under the poverty line. The lack of infrastructure makes it very hard for people in arid land areas to have access to clean water for sanitation and drinking. Access to water is not solely a rural problem. All over Pakistan, many urban slum dwellers spend much of the day waiting in line at a pump. also the challenges of bringing water to remote villages are overwhelming. Women here are the worst victims of water scarcity, as they bear the arduous responsibility of collecting and providing water for their households. The absence of a safe water supply at or near their homes has aggravated the burden of women’s duties in many ways, making them vulnerable in terms of both their health and personal safety.

PakAid has launched a major campaign to bring help and hope to the people in the world who exist without clean water. PakAid’s objective is to provide improvement in equitable access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water through prioritizing support for services to the marginalized and vulnerable communities that are still un-served or underserved and hence having a dramatic impact on the community’s education, health, economics, and women’s empowerment.


To date, we have installed over 2582 water hand pumps, 381 water wells, and 6 water filtration units, 24 shallow wells, and 2 solar water wells in various districts of Punjab and KPK. We also make an effort to create awareness among communities on proper sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

PakAID Mandate on Building Dams in Pakistan

PakAID’s main strategic and crucial goal is to build dams for Pakistan, more specifically constructing mini dams on required district or area, addressing water scarcity, developing economic opportunities, livelihoods, fish and livestock farming and improving the environment by disaster and climatic Change mitigation. PakAID on behalf of "Manchester Dam Appeal Committee" has donated 36 million PKR amount to government’s Prime minister and Supreme Court Diamer Basha Dam’s Fund. We are working closely with the Ministry of Water Resources and surveys are being carried out for the construction of new dams.

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Success story

This small boy Faisal along with his parents and siblings dreadfully needed access to clean water. “Now my mother stays with me and we feel protected. I can take bath and play with my friends with water, I am so happy”  

Haji Sarwar, a retired government employee in Chak 400, Toba Tek Singh helps his community as president of PakAID’s village committee. On the installation of water well he said, “We used to go very far to get a water for our use and for wudu to offer our prayer, now we have access to clean and safe drinking water, Alhamdulillah and thanks to the donors of PakAID.”