PakAID is committed to Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan’s vision of addressing the current and future water scarcity crisis in the country. PakAID will be contributing to the vision within its resources by closely working with the key stakeholders for constructing small dams, water reservoirs for irrigation supplies, hydropower development, domestic, municipal, industrial water supply, stock watering, Flood Control, recreation and economic activities, fish and wildlife protection and development, and improvement of river ecology.

This will reduced impact of floods by storing initial floodwaters thus lessening erosion. The intervention will reduce poverty levels through income generating activities such as watering livestock near villages saves time and reduces erosion caused by cattle, reducing water-borne diseases by providing improved water supply for domestic use, raising the water table downstream of ponds and small dams which benefit well levels for hand dug wells and trees; raising ducks, geese and fish farming for food and income and irrigating barren land and tree nurseries for generating income and re-planting forests

Where possible, PakAID with the support of local communities will also be installing in a systematic manner water filtration plants and hand pumps in selected districts of Punjab province, like Muzzafargarh, Rajanpur, Toba Tek Singh, Chakwal, Attock and Rawalpindi and aims to make these initiatives sustainable with local community support. PakAID will also be raising community mass awareness on water conservation and waste reduction/ minimisation by bringing together private sector through introduction of contemporary water usage techniques.

PakAID intends to make a difference within twelve months after the launch of the initiative.